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The band Age Of Nemesis was founded in 1997. Before coming to fame, the band got it’s start in 0. Generally, music journalists would define Age Of Nemesis’s style within the genre/s of progressive metal, and other rock music.

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Dali’s Dilemma

No biography for Dali’s Dilemma yet.

Empty Tremor

No biography for Empty Tremor yet.

Thought Chamber

Thought Chamber is an American progressive metal supergroup formed in 2006. The band was formed by guitarist Michael Harris and vocalist Ted Leonard of Enchant. The band's first full-length album, "Angular Perceptions" was released in 2007 on progressive label... [wikipedia]
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Stride is American progressive metal band that formed in Houston in 1996. They currently have three releases including the 2003 album Bah Humbug which is an album of Christmas songs. Stride also played in the ProgPower USA VI music festival.... [wikipedia]
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Venturia is a French progressive metal band.... [wikipedia]
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Wastefall is a progressive rock/metal group from Greece. They formed in 2003 and temporarily disbanded on August 1, 2008. They reunited in 2013.... [wikipedia]
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Tomorrow’s Eve

No biography for Tomorrow’s Eve yet.

Section A

No biography for Section A yet.

Mind’s Eye

No biography for Mind’s Eye yet.

Mind Key

No biography for Mind Key yet.

Sun Caged

Sun Caged was a progressive metal band originating in the Netherlands. Sun Caged was formed by ex-Aura and Lemur Voice guitarist Marcel Coenen and drummer Dennis Leeflang in the spring of 1999. Taking influences from artists in the metal genre such as Dream Th... [wikipedia]
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No biography for Ivanhoe yet.

Poverty’s No Crime

Poverty's No Crime is a German progressive metal band founded in 1991 by Volker Walsemann, Marco Ahrens, Andreas Tegeler, Christian Scheele, and Marcello Maniscalco. Their first two albums, Symbiosis and The Autumn Years were released under their old record c... [wikipedia]
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Lemur Voice

No biography for Lemur Voice yet.

Sphere Of Souls

No biography for Sphere Of Souls yet.

Heart Of Sun

No biography for Heart Of Sun yet.

What Genre is Age Of Nemesis?

Age Of Nemesis genre is not easily defined. Music magazines and journalists have different opinions on a clearly defined genre for Age Of Nemesis. However, many describe the style within the genre/s of progressive metal, and other rock music.

Similar music like Age Of Nemesis includes artists and songs like Dali’s Dilemma, Empty Tremor, Thought Chamber, Stride, Venturia, Wastefall, Tomorrow’s Eve, Section A, Mind’s Eye, Mind Key, Sun Caged, Ivanhoe, Poverty’s No Crime, Lemur Voice, Sphere Of Souls, Heart Of Sun,