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The band All About Eve was founded in 1984. Before coming to fame, the band got it’s start in London. Generally, music journalists would define All About Eve’s style within the genre/s of alternative rock, gothic rock, and other rock music.

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The Mission

The Mission (known as The Mission UK in the United States) are an English gothic rock band formed in 1986.... [wikipedia]
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Fields Of The Nephilim

Fields of the Nephilim are an English gothic rock band formed in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England in 1984.... [wikipedia]
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Gene Loves Jezebel

Gene Loves Jezebel (GLJ) are a British rock band formed in the early 1980s by identical twin brothers Jay (born John) and Michael Aston. Gene Loves Jezebel's best-known songs include "Heartache", "Desire (Come and Get It)" (1986), "The Motion of Love" (1987), ... [wikipedia]
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The Merry Thoughts

== History ==... [wikipedia]
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Ghost Dance

Ghost Dance were a British gothic rock and post-punk band formed in 1985 by Gary Marx (ex-Sisters of Mercy guitarist) and Anne-Marie Hurst (ex-Skeletal Family vocalist) as both were leaving their respective bands. The band were originally signed to Nick Jones'... [wikipedia]
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Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone are an English gothic rock band formed in the mid-1980s by Porl King (guitar/vocals/keyboards) and Karl North (bass), plus their drum machine and synthesizer rack nicknamed "Madame Razor".... [wikipedia]
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Flesh For Lulu

Flesh for Lulu was an English rock band formed in Brixton, London, England, active between 1982 and 1992. They reformed from 2013 to 2015 with a new lineup. Their music was a mix of the New York Dolls and the Rolling Stones, with gothic rock's gloomy atmospher... [wikipedia]
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The March Violets

The March Violets are an English post-punk/gothic rock band formed in 1981 in Leeds, incorporating singers of both sexes, drum machine rhythms and echo-laden electric guitar, much in the style of fellow Leeds band the Sisters of Mercy. Seven March Violets sing... [wikipedia]
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Faith And The Muse

Faith and the Muse is an American gothic rock/dark wave band composed of two musicians, Monica Richards and William Faith. Their music encompasses many genres, from folk-style songs to darker compositions, drawing on many sources and influences, notably Dead C... [wikipedia]
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The Sisters Of Mercy

The Sisters of Mercy are an English rock band, formed in 1980 in Leeds. After achieving early underground fame there, the band had their commercial breakthrough in the mid-1980s and sustained it until the early 1990s, when they stopped releasing new recorded o... [wikipedia]
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The Shroud

No biography for The Shroud yet.

The Eden House

The Eden House is a collaborative musical project, initiated by Stephen Carey (formerly of This Burning Effigy and Adoration) and involving a collection of guest musicians and vocalists; later joined by Tony Pettitt (formerly of Fields of the Nephilim and Rubi... [wikipedia]
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Suspiria were a darkwave/gothic rock band from England. Formed in 1993 the line-up consisted of Matthew Carl Lucian and Mark Tansley.... [wikipedia]
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The Southern Death Cult

Southern Death Cult were a British post-punk/gothic rock band in the early 1980s. They are now primarily known for having given their lead singer and parts of the name to the multi-platinum hard rock band the Cult. Despite the similarities in the names, "South... [wikipedia]
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Love Like Blood

Love Like Blood was a German gothic rock/gothic metal band. The band's name comes from the song of the same name by post-punk band Killing Joke.... [wikipedia]
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Red Lorry Yellow Lorry

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, also known very briefly as the Lorries, are a post-punk band that were formed in Leeds, England in early 1981.... [wikipedia]
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What Genre is All About Eve?

All About Eve genre is not easily defined. Music magazines and journalists have different opinions on a clearly defined genre for All About Eve. However, many describe the style within the genre/s of alternative rock, gothic rock, and other rock music.

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