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The band Anyone was founded in 1995. Before coming to fame, the band got it’s start in Huntington Beach. Generally, music journalists would define Anyone’s style within the genre/s of and other rock music.

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No biography for Antiproduct yet.

The Blueprint

No biography for The Blueprint yet.

Groop Dogdrill

Groop Dogdrill were an English rock band formed in the early 1990s in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England, by Damien "Damo" Fowkes (bass), Pete Spiby (vocals/guitar) and Hugh "Hug" Kelly (drums). They achieved modest success, releasing a number of singles and ... [wikipedia]
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The Androids

No biography for The Androids yet.


No biography for General yet.


No biography for Warped yet.


Systematic was an American hard rock band from Oakland, California. They were one of the first signings to Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich's record label, The Music Company, via Elektra Records. The band released two studio albums before disbanding in 2004.... [wikipedia]
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The Good Library

No biography for The Good Library yet.

Naranja Mors

No biography for Naranja Mors yet.

The Glitterati

The Glitterati were an English hard rock band, originally from Leeds, but primarily based in London, England during most of their career. The band were signed to Atlantic Records and later to DR2 Records/Global Music.... [wikipedia]
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4ft Fingers

4ft Fingers (pronounced "four foot fingers") are an English punk rock band from Cheltenham, England, formed in 1996. They play very fast, melodic Skate Punk in the vein of similar UK, contemporary bands like Consumed and Phinius Gage.... [wikipedia]
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The Yo‐yo’s

The Yo-Yos are a British rock and roll band, formed in 1998 by ex-The Wildhearts bassist, Danny McCormack and Tom Spencer (ex- Sugarsnatch / The Lurkers), after the two met at a Toy Dolls recording session. The Yo-Yo's recruited Andy Selway (Bladz) (ex- Sugars... [wikipedia]
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Eureka Machines

Eureka Machines are a British pop rock band based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, who formed in 2007. The band consists of Chris Catalyst (also of The Sisters of Mercy and The God Damn Whores) on lead vocals & guitar, Davros (aka Dave) on guitar & backing vocals, Pe... [wikipedia]
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Electric Eel Shock

Not to be confused with US glam rock band The Electric EelsElectric Eel Shock (EES) are a three-piece garage rock band, formed in Tokyo in 1994. They first toured the United States in 1999.... [wikipedia]
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Brigade are a British alternative rock band from London, England, formed in 2003. The four-piece consisted of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Will Simpson, lead guitarist and backing vocalist James Plant, bassist Naoto Hori, and drummer Andrew Kearton.To da... [wikipedia]
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Dum Dums

The Dumdums (formerly stylised as Dum Dums) were a British guitar-pop band. London-based, they split up in August 2001. The band members were Josh Doyle – vocals and guitar, Steve Clarke – bass and vocals, Stuart 'Baxter' Wilkinson – drums and vocals.In their ... [wikipedia]
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