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The band Apulanta was founded in 1991. Before coming to fame, the band got it’s start in Heinola. Generally, music journalists would define Apulanta’s style within the genre/s of punk rock, and other rock music.

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Tehosekoitin was a Finnish rock band formed in 1991. The band made music with traditional rock 'n roll attitude. Besides pure rock 'n roll, they also made some songs which were more like jazz, blues or tender ballads than actual rock. Tehosekoitin was really p... [wikipedia]
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Haloo Helsinki!

Haloo Helsinki! (English: Hello, Helsinki!) is a pop band from Finland, founded in 2006. They have released five studio albums, all of which have reached the top ten on the Finnish Albums Chart. From 2007 to 2012, the band were signed to EMI Finland and as the... [wikipedia]
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Maija Vilkkumaa

Maija Johanna Vilkkumaa (born 9 November 1973) is a Finnish pop rock singer-songwriter. Beginning her musical hobbies playing piano at an age before school, Vilkkumaa studied in high school where she and her friends set up the band Tarharyhmä in 1990, which br... [wikipedia]
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Happoradio (Finnish for Acid Radio) is a Finnish rock band formed in 2001. They achieved their first success with the single "Pois Kalliosta" (2003). "Tavikset", "Che Guevara", "Ahmat tulevat" and "Pelastaja" are some of their other hits in the Scandinavian ma... [wikipedia]
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Kotiteollisuus is a Finnish hard rock and heavy metal band that was formed in 1991 in Lappeenranta. The band released its first demo tape in 1993 under the name "Hullu ukko ja Kotiteollisuus" ('Crazy Old Fogey and Cottage Industry'). The shortened name and cur... [wikipedia]
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Eppu Normaali

Eppu Normaali is one of the most popular rock bands in Finland. The band formed in 1976 in Ylöjärvi, a small town near Tampere. The band is the best-selling music artist in Finland, with certified sales of nearly two million records, and it has also gained su... [wikipedia]
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Leevi And The Leavings

Leevi and the Leavings was a Finnish rock band that operated from 1978 to 2003.... [wikipedia]
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JVG (formerly known as Jare & VilleGalle) is a Finnish rap duo made up of Jare Joakim Brand (born 8 October 1987) and Ville-Petteri Galle (born 4 October 1987).... [wikipedia]
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Klamydia (Finnish language for Chlamydia) is a punk rock band from Vaasa, Finland. The band's name was chosen because it was the worst name that came to their minds. The band was assembled in 1988, and has been continuously active since then. The history of th... [wikipedia]
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Mokoma is a Finnish thrash metal band formed in Lappeenranta in 1996. Their music also has grindcore and death metal influences with traditional Finnish melancholy.Mokoma started out as a creation of Marko Annala, who is the band's lead singer, and has been th... [wikipedia]
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Zen Café

Zen Café is a Finnish rock band that was founded in Turku in 1992. The band derived its name from the book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig at the suggestion of band's bassist Kari Nylander. Other original members were Samuli Putro... [wikipedia]
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Sanni Mari Elina Kurkisuo (born 26 May 1993), better known by her mononym Sanni, is a Finnish singer, songwriter and actress signed to Warner Music Finland.... [wikipedia]
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Anssi Kela

Anssi Kela (born 29 July 1972 in Kerava, Finland) is a Finnish singer-songwriter multi-instrumentalist who has published six albums. During his career, Kela has sold over 230,000 records in Finland. He received four Emma awards in 2002.Anssi Kela comes from a ... [wikipedia]
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Kaija Koo

Kaija Kokkola (born 10 September 1962), better known by her stage name Kaija Koo, is a Finnish singer.... [wikipedia]
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Antti Tuisku

Antti Tuisku (born 27 February 1984) is a Finnish pop singer. He finished third in the 2003 Idols talent show, the Finnish version of Pop Idol. Tuisku has sold over 300,000 records during his career in Finland.In 2016 Tuisku won the Best Male Artist 2015 award... [wikipedia]
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Don Huonot

Don Huonot was one of the most popular Finnish rock bands in Finland in the 1990s. They had many radio hits and their live sessions were known as being very emotional and energetic experiences.... [wikipedia]
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What Genre is Apulanta?

Apulanta genre is not easily defined. Music magazines and journalists have different opinions on a clearly defined genre for Apulanta. However, many describe the style within the genre/s of punk rock, and other rock music.

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