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The band Arvo Pärt was founded in 1935. Before coming to fame, the band got it’s start in Paide. Generally, music journalists would define Arvo Pärt’s style within the genre/s of symphony, contemporary classical music, minimal music, and other rock music.

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Henryk Górecki

No biography for Henryk Górecki yet.

Steve Reich

Stephen Michael Reich ( RYSH; born October 3, 1936) is an American composer known for his contribution to the development of minimal music in the mid to late 1960s.Reich's work is marked by its use of repetitive figures, slow harmonic rhythm, and canons. His i... [wikipedia]
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Philip Glass

Philip Glass (born January 31, 1937) is an American composer and pianist. He is widely regarded as one of the most influential composers of the late 20th century. Glass's work has been associated with minimalism, being built up from repetitive phrases and shif... [wikipedia]
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John Tavener

Sir John Kenneth Tavener (28 January 1944 – 12 November 2013) was an English composer, known for his extensive output of religious works, including The Protecting Veil, Song for Athene and The Lamb.... [wikipedia]
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Alfred Schnittke

No biography for Alfred Schnittke yet.

John Adams

No biography for John Adams yet.

Felix Mendelssohn

Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (3 February 1809 – 4 November 1847), born and widely known as Felix Mendelssohn, was a German composer, pianist, organist and conductor of the early Romantic period. Mendelssohn's compositions include symphonies, concer... [wikipedia]
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György Ligeti

No biography for György Ligeti yet.

John Cage

No biography for John Cage yet.

Morton Feldman

Morton Feldman (January 12, 1926 – September 3, 1987) was an American composer.... [wikipedia]
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Olivier Messiaen

Olivier Eugène Prosper Charles Messiaen (UK: , US: , French: [ɔlivje mɛsjɑ̃]; December 10, 1908 – April 27, 1992) was a French composer, organist, and ornithologist, one of the major composers of the 20th century. His music is rhythmically complex; harmonicall... [wikipedia]
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Igor Stravinsky

No biography for Igor Stravinsky yet.

Dmitri Shostakovich

No biography for Dmitri Shostakovich yet.

Erik Satie

Éric Alfred Leslie Satie (UK: , US: , French: [eʁik sati]; 17 May 1866 – 1 July 1925), who signed his name Erik Satie after 1884, was a French composer and pianist. Satie was an influential artist in the late 19th- and early 20th-century Parisian avant-garde. ... [wikipedia]
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Krzysztof Penderecki

Krzysztof Eugeniusz Penderecki (Polish: [ˈkʂɨʂtɔf pɛndɛˈrɛt͡skʲi]; 23 November 1933 – 29 March 2020) was a Polish composer and conductor. Among his best known works are Threnody to the Victims of Hiroshima, Symphony No. 3, his St. Luke Passion, Polish Requiem,... [wikipedia]
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Franz Schubert

Franz Peter Schubert (German: [ˈfʁant͡s ˈpeːtɐ ˈʃuːbɐt]; 31 January 1797 – 19 November 1828) was an Austrian composer of the late Classical and early Romantic eras. Despite his short lifetime, Schubert left behind a vast oeuvre, including more than 600 secular... [wikipedia]
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What Genre is Arvo Pärt?

Arvo Pärt genre is not easily defined. Music magazines and journalists have different opinions on a clearly defined genre for Arvo Pärt. However, many describe the style within the genre/s of symphony, contemporary classical music, minimal music, and other rock music.

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