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The band Attrition was founded in 1980. Before coming to fame, the band got it’s start in United Kingdom. Generally, music journalists would define Attrition’s style within the genre/s of industrial music, and other rock music.

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The Tear Garden

The Tear Garden is a psychedelic/experimental/electronic band, formed by Edward Ka-Spel of The Legendary Pink Dots and cEvin Key of Skinny Puppy in 1985 after Key served as a sound engineer on tour in Canada for Ka-Spel. An EP, The Tear Garden, was released t... [wikipedia]
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Kirlian Camera

Kirlian Camera is an Italian group mainly playing Electro Wave, dark wave music.... [wikipedia]
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Die Form

Die Form is a French post-industrial and electronic band formed in 1977-78. The name 'Die Form' means '(the) form/shape' in German, like the Bauhaus diary, and is a play on the English homonym 'deform' and on the French homonym 'difforme' (deformed).... [wikipedia]
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Test Dept

No biography for Test Dept yet.


Tenebrae Vision is the only album of Canadian industrial band Cyberaktif, which consisted of cEvin Key and Dwayne R. Goettel of Skinny Puppy and former Skinny Puppy member Bill Leeb of Front Line Assembly. For Cyberaktif, Leeb is credited as Wilhelm Schroeder,... [wikipedia]
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In Slaughter Natives

In Slaughter Natives is a Swedish industrial, dark ambient act formed by Jouni Havukainen in 1985. They have releases on the Cold Meat Industry label. After a nearly decade-long hiatus, In Slaughter Natives moved to the Cyclic Law label with Cannula Coma Legi... [wikipedia]
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No biography for Lycia yet.

In The Nursery

In the Nursery are an English neoclassical dark wave and martial industrial band, known for their cinematic sound. The duo has provided soundtracks to a variety of TV programmes and films, and is known for its rescoring of silent films.... [wikipedia]
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Skinny Puppy

Skinny Puppy is a Canadian industrial music group formed in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1982. The group is widely considered to be one of the founders of the industrial rock and electro-industrial genres. Initially envisioned as an experimental side project... [wikipedia]
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Love Is Colder Than Death

Love is Colder Than Death, commonly abbreviated LiCTD or LICTD, is an early German neoclassical dark wave band that was one of the cornerstones to Hyperium Records' Heavenly Voices compilation series of the early 1990s. It is named after the 1969 Fassbinder fi... [wikipedia]
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Faith And The Muse

Faith and the Muse is an American gothic rock/dark wave band composed of two musicians, Monica Richards and William Faith. Their music encompasses many genres, from folk-style songs to darker compositions, drawing on many sources and influences, notably Dead C... [wikipedia]
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Cabaret Voltaire

Cabaret Voltaire are an English music group formed in Sheffield in 1973 and initially composed of Stephen Mallinder, Richard H. Kirk, and Chris Watson. The group was named after the Cabaret Voltaire, the Zürich nightclub that served as a centre for the early D... [wikipedia]
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Clan Of Xymox

Clan of Xymox, also known as simply Xymox, are a Dutch rock band formed in 1981. Clan of Xymox featured a trio of songwriters – Ronny Moorings, Anka Wolbert, and Pieter Nooten – and gained success in the 1980s, releasing their first two albums on 4AD, before r... [wikipedia]
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Clock Dva

Clock DVA are an industrial, post-punk, and EBM group from Sheffield, England. They formed in 1978 by Adolphus "Adi" Newton and Steven "Judd" Turner. Along with contemporaries Heaven 17, Clock DVA's name was inspired by the Russian-influenced Nadsat of Anthony... [wikipedia]
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No biography for Chiasm yet.

Das Ich

Das Ich is a German Darkwave/Goth-Industrial music group formed in 1989. The group, fronted by Stefan Ackermann and Bruno Kramm, were one of the prominent founders of and contributors to "Neue Deutsche Todeskunst" (New German Death Art) a musical movement in t... [wikipedia]
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What Genre is Attrition?

Attrition genre is not easily defined. Music magazines and journalists have different opinions on a clearly defined genre for Attrition. However, many describe the style within the genre/s of industrial music, and other rock music.

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