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The band Babymetal was founded in 2010. Before coming to fame, the band got it’s start in Japan. Generally, music journalists would define Babymetal’s style within the genre/s of pop music, speed metal, death metal, power metal, kawaii metal, and other rock music.

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Ladybaby was a Japanese kawaii metal musical group, which originally consisted of aspiring photographic models Rie Kaneko (the only original member still in the group) and Rei Kuromiya, as well as Ladybeard, the bearded crossdressing persona of Australian male... [wikipedia]
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Passcode (Japanese: パスコード, Hepburn: Pasukōdo, stylized as PassCode), is a Japanese idol group that was founded in 2013.... [wikipedia]
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Scandal (Japanese: スキャンダル, Hepburn: Sukyandaru, stylized as SCANDAL) is an all-female Japanese rock band from Osaka. Formed in August 2006 by four high school girls, they played live street performances until they were noticed and signed to the indie label Kit... [wikipedia]
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Aldious (Japanese: アルディアス, Hepburn: Arudiasu) is a Japanese all-female power metal band from Osaka, formed in 2008 by guitarist Yoshi and vocalist Rami. After a few member changes, they released their debut EP Dear Slave the following year and soon after forme... [wikipedia]
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Perfume (パフューム, Pafyūmu) is a Japanese pop girl group from Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan, consisting of Ayano Omoto ("Nocchi"), Yuka Kashino ("KASHIYUKA") and Ayaka Nishiwaki ("a-chan"). The group has been signed with Amuse, Inc. since 2003 and with Universal Mu... [wikipedia]
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No biography for Doll$boxx yet.


Risa Oribe (織部 里沙, Oribe Risa, born June 24, 1987), better known by her stage name LiSA, is a Japanese singer, songwriter and lyricist from Seki, Gifu, signed to Sacra Music under Sony Music Artists.... [wikipedia]
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Bish (Japanese: ビッシュ, Hepburn: Bisshu, stylized as BiSH), also known as Brand-new idol SHiT (新生クソアイドル, Shinsei Kuso Aidoru), is a Japanese idol group that was founded in 2015 by their manager Watanabe Junnosuke. The group was conceived as a successor to BiS, a... [wikipedia]
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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

No biography for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu yet.


Daoko (だをこ, stylized as DAOKO, born 4 March 1997) is a Japanese female singer and rapper born in Tokyo. She started her career when one of her uploaded videos on Nico Nico Douga received attention at the age of 15 in 2012.... [wikipedia]
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REOL (stylized as RΞOL) is a Japanese musical unit that consists of vocalist/lyricist Reol, music arranger GigaP, and movie director/producer Okiku. The members of REOL originally worked as solo artists, but they signed to Toy's Factory as a group in 2015, usi... [wikipedia]
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Garnidelia (ガルニデリア) (stylized as GARNiDELiA) is a Japanese pop rock duo, consisting of singer Mai Mizuhashi, better known by her stage name MARiA and record producer Yoshinori Abe (阿部 尚徳, Abe Yoshinori, born March 5, 1978), better known by his stage name toku.... [wikipedia]
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Unlucky Morpheus

No biography for Unlucky Morpheus yet.

Silent Siren

Silent Siren (サイレントサイレン, Sairento Sairen, stylized as SILENT SIREN) is a Japanese all-female band formed in 2010 and associated with Platinum Production. The members consist of four fashion models: Sumire Yoshida (lead vocals and guitar), Hinako Umemura (drums... [wikipedia]
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Mary’s Blood

No biography for Mary’s Blood yet.


Aimer (エメ, Eme, [eme]) is a Japanese pop singer and lyricist signed to SME Records and managed by FOURseam. Her name comes from the verb "Aimer" in French, which means "to love".... [wikipedia]
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