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The band Benjamin Biolay was founded in 1973. Before coming to fame, the band got it’s start in Villefranche-Sur-Saône. Generally, music journalists would define Benjamin Biolay’s style within the genre/s of chanson, and other rock music.

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Alain Bashung

Alain Bashung (French: [alɛ̃ baʃuŋ]; born Alain Baschung, 1 December 1947 – 14 March 2009) was a French singer, songwriter and actor. Credited with reviving the French chanson in “a time of French musical turmoil”, he is often regarded in his home country as t... [wikipedia]
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Vincent Delerm

Vincent Delerm (born 31 August 1976) is a French singer-songwriter, pianist and composer. He is the son of the writer Philippe Delerm and illustrator Martine Delerm.... [wikipedia]
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Dominique A

Dominique Ané (born 6 October 1968), better known as "Dominique A", is a French songwriter and singer.... [wikipedia]
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Alex Beaupain

No biography for Alex Beaupain yet.

Jean‐louis Murat

No biography for Jean‐louis Murat yet.


Daniel Bevilacqua (French pronunciation: ​[danjɛl bɛvilakwa], Italian: [beviˈlakkwa]; 13 October 1945 – 16 April 2020), better known by the stage name Christophe (French: [kʁistɔf]), was a French singer and songwriter. He was born in the Paris suburb of Juvisy... [wikipedia]
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Véronique Sanson

Véronique Marie Line Sanson (French pronunciation: ​[veʁɔnik maʁi lin sɑ̃sɔ̃]; born 24 April 1949 in Boulogne-Billancourt, near Paris) is a three-time Victoires de la Musique Award-winning French singer-songwriter and record producer with an avid following in ... [wikipedia]
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Étienne Daho

No biography for Étienne Daho yet.

Alain Souchon

Alain Souchon (French pronunciation: ​[alɛ̃ suʃɔ̃]; born Alain Kienast; 27 May 1944) is a French singer-songwriter and actor. He has released 15 albums and has played roles in seven films.... [wikipedia]
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Arthur H

Arthur Higelin (born 27 March 1966), better known under his stage name Arthur H [aʁtyʁ ɑːʃ], is a French pianist, songwriter and singer. He is best known in France for his live performances—four of his albums were recorded live.... [wikipedia]
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Élodie Frégé

No biography for Élodie Frégé yet.


Isabelle Marie Anne de Truchis de Varennes (born 18 April 1964), better known by her stage name Zazie, is a French singer-songwriter and former fashion model. Her greatest hits include "Je suis un homme", "À ma place" and "Speed". She co-produces all her album... [wikipedia]
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Vanessa Paradis

Vanessa Chantal Paradis (French pronunciation: ​[vanɛsa ʃɑ̃tal paʁadi]; born 22 December 1972) is a French singer, model and actress.... [wikipedia]
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Emily Loizeau

Emily Loizeau (born 7 February 1975) is a French author, composer, and singer. Her debut album, released in 2006, was titled L'autre bout du monde (The Other Side of the World).... [wikipedia]
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Claude Nougaro

No biography for Claude Nougaro yet.

Bertrand Belin

No biography for Bertrand Belin yet.

What Genre is Benjamin Biolay?

Benjamin Biolay genre is not easily defined. Music magazines and journalists have different opinions on a clearly defined genre for Benjamin Biolay. However, many describe the style within the genre/s of chanson, and other rock music.

Similar music like Benjamin Biolay includes artists and songs like Alain Bashung, Vincent Delerm, Dominique A, Alex Beaupain, Jean‐louis Murat, Christophe, Véronique Sanson, Étienne Daho, Alain Souchon, Arthur H, Élodie Frégé, Zazie, Vanessa Paradis, Emily Loizeau, Claude Nougaro, Bertrand Belin,