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The band Black Messiah was founded in 1994. Before coming to fame, the band got it’s start in Gelsenkirchen. Generally, music journalists would define Black Messiah’s style within the genre/s of folk metal, and other rock music.

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Wolfchant is a band formed in St. Oswald, Germany in August 2003 by Lokhi, Gaahnt, Skaahl, and Norgahd. Wolfchant's lyrics deal with legends and folk tales from Nordic mythology. In August 2005 they signed a record contract with CCP Records. With the first ful... [wikipedia]
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No biography for Kromlek yet.


Finsterforst is a German folk metal band from Schwarzwald, Baden-Württemberg, whose lyrical themes deal with nature, German myths, and fantasy worlds. Formed in 2004, the group has released three full-length studio albums, one extended play and one compilation... [wikipedia]
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Heidevolk is a folk metal band from the Netherlands. The lyrical themes of their music are inspired by nature, the history of Gelderland, and the history of Germanic mythology. Most of their lyrics are in Dutch; however, since their album Velua, they also have... [wikipedia]
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Månegarm is a Swedish Viking/black/folk metal band from Norrtälje. Its name is derived from Mánagarmr, a wolf in Norse mythology.... [wikipedia]
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Adorned Brood

Adorned Brood is a folk black metal band from Neuss, Germany.... [wikipedia]
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No biography for Fjoergyn yet.


Suidakra (stylized "SuidAkrA") is a melodic death metal band from Germany. During their twenty-year career, they have performed over 200 live shows for several European and Russian tours, as well as a North American tour. They are known for their use of tradit... [wikipedia]
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Falkenbach (German: [ˈfalkənbax]) is a pagan black metal group from Germany that is signed to Prophecy Productions. The name means "Falconbrook" in German.... [wikipedia]
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Obscurity is a German extreme metal band with strong Viking metal influences hailing from Velbert, a city in the Bergisches Land in North Rhine-Westphalia. They are one of the early German death, black, Viking, and pagan metal bands.... [wikipedia]
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Minas Morgul

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No biography for Nachtgeschrei yet.


Cruachan is a folk metal band from Dublin, Ireland that has been active since the 1990s. They have been acclaimed as having "gone the greatest lengths of anyone in their attempts to expand" the genre of folk metal. They are recognised as one of the founders of... [wikipedia]
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King Of Asgard

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No biography for Svartby yet.

Xiv Dark Centuries

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What Genre is Black Messiah?

Black Messiah genre is not easily defined. Music magazines and journalists have different opinions on a clearly defined genre for Black Messiah. However, many describe the style within the genre/s of folk metal, and other rock music.

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