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The band Burning Witch was founded in 1995. Before coming to fame, the band got it’s start in Seattle. Generally, music journalists would define Burning Witch’s style within the genre/s of doom metal, drone metal, and other rock music.

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Khanate was an American doom metal supergroup that brought together James Plotkin and Alan Dubin, two members of the defunct band OLD, as well as Tim Wyskida of Blind Idiot God and Manbyrd and Stephen O'Malley of Burning Witch and Sunn O))).... [wikipedia]
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Grief was a Boston-based sludge metal band.... [wikipedia]
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Unearthly Trance

Unearthly Trance is a sludge metal/doom metal trio from Long Island New York, composed of guitarist-vocalist Ryan Lipynsky, bassist Jay Newman, and drummer Darren Verni. They were formed in 2000 and have released material on leading labels of the genre like S... [wikipedia]
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Thorr’s Hammer

No biography for Thorr’s Hammer yet.


No biography for Noothgrush yet.

Graves At Sea

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No biography for Cough yet.


Ramesses is a British extreme metal band from Dorset, initially featuring former members of Electric Wizard.... [wikipedia]
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Iron Monkey

Iron Monkey is an English sludge metal band that formed in Nottingham, England in 1994. The original members were Justin Greaves (drums, ex-Bradworthy), Johnny Morrow (vocals), Jim Rushby (guitar, ex-Ironside, Wartorn), Steve Watson (guitar, ex-Cerebral Fix) a... [wikipedia]
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Goatsnake is an American doom metal band from Los Angeles, California. They have released three studio albums, the first being 1999's Goatsnake Vol. 1.... [wikipedia]
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No biography for Indian yet.


Corrupted are a Japanese doom/sludge metal band. They are known for avoiding interviews and publicity. They have recorded several albums, including split albums with other artists and perform regularly in Japan and abroad.... [wikipedia]
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Eyehategod (also abbreviated and referred to as EHG) is an American sludge metal band from New Orleans who formed in 1988. They have become one of the better known bands to emerge from the NOLA metal scene. Throughout the years, their core lineup has remained,... [wikipedia]
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Conan are a British doom metal band from Liverpool, England whose style is characterised by a heavily distorted and downtuned sound. It has been described as "caveman battle doom".... [wikipedia]
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Buzzoven (typeset Buzzov•en) is an American heavy metal band from Salisbury, North Carolina, United States, formed in 1990. The band was known for being one of the founders of the sludge genre along with NOLA's Eyehategod and Acid Bath, and also for their out-... [wikipedia]
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Cavity is an American sludge metal band from Miami, Florida. They first formed in 1992, releasing a multitude of albums and singles before breaking up in 2003. Steve Brooks and Juan Montoya would go on to play in Torche and Floor. Anthony Vialon, Henry Wilson... [wikipedia]
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What Genre is Burning Witch?

Burning Witch genre is not easily defined. Music magazines and journalists have different opinions on a clearly defined genre for Burning Witch. However, many describe the style within the genre/s of doom metal, drone metal, and other rock music.

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