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The band Chilli Willi And The Red Hot Peppers was founded in 1971. Before coming to fame, the band got it’s start in 0. Generally, music journalists would define Chilli Willi And The Red Hot Peppers’s style within the genre/s of pub rock, and other rock music.

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Bees Make Honey

No biography for Bees Make Honey yet.

Eggs Over Easy

Eggs over Easy were an American country rock band, of the early 1970s, who visited London to record an album, and then became a resident band in a London pub, launching what subsequently became known as pub rock.... [wikipedia]
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Ducks Deluxe

No biography for Ducks Deluxe yet.

Tyla Gang

No biography for Tyla Gang yet.

Ian Gomm

Ian Robert Gomm (born 28 March 1947 in Chiswick, West London) is a British singer-songwriter, who was the rhythm guitarist for Brinsley Schwarz from 1970 to 1974. He was named "Best Rhythm Guitarist" by NME in 1971.Gomm had started in around 1962/1963 in Unit ... [wikipedia]
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Chilli Willi & The Red Hot Peppers

No biography for Chilli Willi & The Red Hot Peppers yet.

Kursaal Flyers

The Kursaal Flyers were a British pop band, formed in Southend-on-Sea in 1973. They are most famous for their 1976 single "Little Does She Know" (which was a Top 20 hit) and were the subject of a BBC documentary following them on tour in 1975.... [wikipedia]
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Kilburn & The High Roads

No biography for Kilburn & The High Roads yet.

The Count Bishops

The Count Bishops were a British rock band, formed in 1975 in London and which broke up in 1980. The Count Bishops had limited commercial success, but forged an important stylistic and chronological link between the root rhythm and blues band Dr. Feelgood and ... [wikipedia]
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Mickey Jupp

Michael Graham 'Mickey' Jupp (born 6 March 1944, in Worthing, Sussex, England) is an English musician and songwriter, mainly associated with the Southend music scene.... [wikipedia]
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Chilli Willi & The Red Ho

No biography for Chilli Willi & The Red Ho yet.

Ernie Graham

No biography for Ernie Graham yet.

Lew Lewis

No biography for Lew Lewis yet.


No biography for Roogalator yet.

Brinsley Schwarz

Brinsley Schwarz were a 1970s English pub rock band, named after their guitarist Brinsley Schwarz. With Nick Lowe on bass and vocals, keyboardist Bob Andrews and drummer Billy Rankin, the band evolved from the 1960s pop band Kippington Lodge. They were later... [wikipedia]
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Any Trouble

No biography for Any Trouble yet.