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The band Chin Up Chin Up was founded in 2001. Before coming to fame, the band got it’s start in Chicago. Generally, music journalists would define Chin Up Chin Up’s style within the genre/s of indie pop, and other rock music.

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Bound Stems

Bound Stems was an indie rock band with math rock influences from Chicago, Illinois. The band's members were Bobby Gallivan (vocals), Dan Fleury (guitar), Dan Radzicki (bass, keys), Evan Sult (drums, ex-Harvey Danger), and Janie Porche (multi-instrumentalist).... [wikipedia]
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Thunderbirds Are Now!

Thunderbirds are Now! were an American, Livonia, Michigan-based post-punk revival band, whose sound used a mix of traditional post-punk, new wave and noise rock. The band was heavily influenced by 1980s new wave and other post-punk revival acts like Les Savy F... [wikipedia]
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The Joggers

The Joggers, formerly known as Stateside, are a four-piece band from Portland, Oregon. They play complex songs with elements of math rock which retain a pop sensibility. The guitar style of (lead singer and songwriter) Ben Whitesides and the second guitarist r... [wikipedia]
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Get Him Eat Him

No biography for Get Him Eat Him yet.

Make Believe

Make Believe was an indie rock band, initially formed as a touring version of Joan of Arc. The band was initially composed of eccentric voiced singer Tim Kinsella, guitarist Sam Zurick, bassist Bobby Burg, and drummer/keyboardist Nate Kinsella. After 3 months ... [wikipedia]
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Crystal Skulls

Crystal Skulls is an American, Los Angeles, California-based indie pop band, named after a legend that there are 13 ancient crystal skulls hidden worldwide, which have mystical powers. Known for their intelligent, smooth poppy sound, the band was started in 20... [wikipedia]
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Dirty On Purpose

Dirty on Purpose were an American band from Brooklyn, New York, whose music was often described as indie pop or shoegaze.... [wikipedia]
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Shapes And Sizes

Shapes and Sizes are a Canadian indie rock band from Victoria, British Columbia. There are four members — Nathan Gage, singers Caila Thompson-Hannant and Rory Seydel, and John Crellin.... [wikipedia]
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The Lovely Feathers

The Lovely Feathers are a Canadian indie rock band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They have played the South by Southwest, Pop Montreal and North By Northeast festivals several times. Their albums have reached the top of Canadian and American College Radio. Th... [wikipedia]
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Office is a Chicago-based pop band that was active in the 2000s.... [wikipedia]
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Mobius Band

Mobius Band was an electronic rock trio from Brooklyn, New York consisting of Noam Schatz (drums), Peter Sax (bass/vocals/keyboards), and Ben Sterling (guitar/vocals/keyboards).... [wikipedia]
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The Robot Ate Me

The Robot Ate Me is an experimental indie rock band formed by Ryland Bouchard in 2002 which has been through many distinct phases incorporating aspects of folk, jazz, psychedelia and avant-garde rock. Their critically acclaimed albums alternated between access... [wikipedia]
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Volcano I’m Still Excited!!

No biography for Volcano I’m Still Excited!! yet.

Troubled Hubble

Troubled Hubble is an indie rock band from Chicago, Illinois.... [wikipedia]
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The Detachment Kit

Detachment Kit is an American indie rock band formed in 1999.... [wikipedia]
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Blood On The Wall

Blood on the Wall is a lo-fi, Brooklyn-based indie rock band, influenced by bands like The Jesus and Mary Chain, Pavement, Pixies, and Sonic Youth. Band members include siblings Courtney (bassist/vocalist) and Brad Shanks (guitarist/vocalist) and drummer Miggy... [wikipedia]
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