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The band Clare & The Reasons was founded in 2005. Before coming to fame, the band got it’s start in Brooklyn. Generally, music journalists would define Clare & The Reasons’s style within the genre/s of indie pop, and other rock music.

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No biography for Misato、rei、asuka yet.

Lonely Drifter Karen

Lonely Drifter Karen are a multi-national pop band, based in Brussels, Belgium. The band consists of Austrian singer Tanja Frinta, keyboarder and producer Marc Melià Sobrevias from Spain and the two Frenchmen Maxime Malon on drums and Clément Marion on guitar,... [wikipedia]
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Essie Jain

Essie Jain is an English singer-songwriter born and raised in London, who is now based in Los Angeles.... [wikipedia]
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Our Broken Garden

No biography for Our Broken Garden yet.

Diving With Andy

No biography for Diving With Andy yet.


Ohbijou was a Canadian indie pop band that was based in Toronto. The music of Ohbijou draws on pop, folk and bluegrass influences.... [wikipedia]
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Reverie Sound Revue

Reverie Sound Revue is a Canadian indie rock group formed in 2002 in Calgary. The group consists of Marc De Pape (guitar), John-Marcel de Waal (drums), Bryce Gracey (bass guitar), Lisa Lobsinger (vocals) and Patrick Walls (guitar). They are fronted by Lobsinge... [wikipedia]
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The Living Sisters

The Living Sisters is a female folk group consisting of Alex Lilly, Inara George, Becky Stark and Eleni Mandell. The members began collaborating in 2006 during breaks from their other projects. In 2009 they began recordings for their first album Love To Live,... [wikipedia]
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The Mummers

The Mummers are a band based in the English seaside town of Brighton, centred on London-born singer/songwriter Raissa Khan-Panni, composer Mark Horwood (before taking his own life in September 2009), producer/writer Paul Sandrone and co-producer/manager Alasta... [wikipedia]
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Marla Hansen

No biography for Marla Hansen yet.

Theresa Andersson

No biography for Theresa Andersson yet.

Forest City Lovers

Forest City Lovers are a Canadian folk indie pop band formed in 2006 in Toronto, Ontario. The band is centred on the songwriting of singer and guitarist Kat Burns. She is backed by violinist Mika Posen, bassist Kyle Donnelly, keyboardist Timothy Burton and dru... [wikipedia]
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Casey Dienel

No biography for Casey Dienel yet.

The 1900s

No biography for The 1900s yet.


No biography for Awry yet.

Eric Matthews

Eric Matthews (born January 12, 1969, in Compton, California, United States) is an American composer, musician, recording artist, and record producer.... [wikipedia]
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