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The band Doping Panda was founded in 1997. Before coming to fame, the band got it’s start in 0. Generally, music journalists would define Doping Panda’s style within the genre/s of rock music, and other rock music.

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Beat Crusaders

Beat Crusaders (ビート・クルセイダース, Bīto Kuruseidāsu, typeset as BEAT CRUSADERS) were a Japanese rock band active from 1997 to 2010. During all promotional appearances, their faces are masked by drawings resembling themselves as printed by a dot-matrix printer.... [wikipedia]
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No biography for ストレイテナー yet.


Acidman (often stylized as ACIDMAN) is a Japanese rock group. The band was formed in 1997 with four members, Shiibashi Takeshi, Urayama Ichigo, Satou Masatoshi, and Ohki Nobuo. They created two demo tapes together in 1998, but former vocalist Shiibashi Takeshi... [wikipedia]
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The Band Apart

No biography for The Band Apart yet.


No biography for Art‐school yet.

Husking Bee

No biography for Husking Bee yet.

Sparta Locals

No biography for Sparta Locals yet.

Base Ball Bear

Base Ball Bear is a Japanese rock band from Tokyo that made its major debut in 2006 with EMI Music Japan. Although assembled in autumn 2001, the band formally began in 2002, and started off with self-produced releases.... [wikipedia]
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Ellegarden (stylized as ELLEGARDEN) is a Japanese rock band formed in December 1998 in Chiba, Japan. Ellegarden consists of drummer Hirotaka Takahashi, vocalist/guitarist Takeshi Hosomi, guitarist Shinichi Ubukata, and bassist Yuichi Takada. In 2008, Ellegarde... [wikipedia]
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Supercar (スーパーカー, Sūpākā) was a Japanese rock band active from 1995 to 2005, and who made their debut in 1997. Consisting of composer and vocalist Kōji Nakamura (中村弘二 Nakamura Kōji), lyricist and guitarist Junji Ishiwatari (いしわたり淳治 Ishiwatari Junji), bassist M... [wikipedia]
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Fujifabric (Japanese: フジファブリック, Hepburn: Fujifaburikku) is a Japanese rock band formed in 2000. While their music can be mostly categorized as alternative rock or power pop, their music usually consists of an eclectic mix of genres, including jazz, disco and p... [wikipedia]
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Kyuso Nekokami (キュウソネコカミ, Kyūso Nekokami, "Cornered Rat's Bite of a Cat") is a Japanese punk rock band that formed in 2009.... [wikipedia]
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Keytalk, styled KEYTALK, is a Japanese rock band. Their album HOT! reached the 4th place on the Weekly Oricon Albums Chart and their single "Starring Star" reached the 7th place on the Weekly Oricon Singles Chart. Their song "Ōka Ranman" is the first opening s... [wikipedia]
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Sakanaction (サカナクション, Sakanakushon), stylised as sakanaction, are a Japanese rock band from Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. Their music is a fusion of alternative rock, electronic, pop, and new wave styles, and is thus difficult to classify under one category. The b... [wikipedia]
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Polysics (ポリシックス, Porishikkusu, typeset POLYSICS) is a Japanese new wave and rock band from Tokyo, who dubs its unique style as "technicolor pogo punk". It was named after a brand of synthesizer, the Korg Polysix. The band started in 1997, but got their big br... [wikipedia]
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Quruli (くるり, Kururi) is a Japanese music group formed in 1996. As of March 2018, the lineup consists of Shigeru Kishida, Masashi Sato, and Fanfan. Their music is produced and distributed by Victor Entertainment.... [wikipedia]
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