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The band Legenda Aurea was founded in 2005. Before coming to fame, the band got it’s start in Aarau. Generally, music journalists would define Legenda Aurea’s style within the genre/s of heavy metal, gothic metal, power metal, symphonic metal, and other rock music.

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Bare Infinity

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Whyzdom is a French symphonic metal band from Paris. The band was formed by Vynce Leff in 2007. As of 2018, they have released four full-length albums, one EP and one DVD.... [wikipedia]
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No biography for Pythia yet.

Dawn Of Destiny

Dawn of Destiny is a German power metal band from Bochum, Germany which incorporates elements of thrash, gothic, symphonic and death metal. As of 2016, Dawn of Destiny has released six studio albums.... [wikipedia]
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End Of The Dream

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Angtoria was a symphonic metal band composed of British singer Sarah Jezebel Deva and Swedish brothers Chris and Tommy Rehn.... [wikipedia]
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Diabulus In Musica

Diabulus in Musica is a Spanish symphonic metal band, formed in 2006.... [wikipedia]
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Imperia is a symphonic metal band. The group was formed in 2004 by Norwegian singer Helena Iren Michaelsen following her dismissal from Dutch band Sahara Dust (currently known as Epica). The band is a true cross-border unit of musicians originating from differ... [wikipedia]
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Edenbridge are a symphonic metal band from Austria. Established in 1998, the band has so far released ten studio albums.... [wikipedia]
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Katra is a Finnish symphonic metal band founded by vocalist Katra Solopuro.... [wikipedia]
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Lunatica is a Swiss symphonic metal band, formed in Suhr, Switzerland in 1998.... [wikipedia]
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Forever Slave

Forever Slave is a Spanish gothic metal band, founded by Servalath (Sergio) and vocalist Lady Angellyca in 2000.... [wikipedia]
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No biography for Elvellon yet.

The Murder Of My Sweet

The Murder of My Sweet is a Swedish metal band, based in Stockholm and founded in 2006.... [wikipedia]
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Magica is a Romanian power metal band.... [wikipedia]
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Atargatis is a German heavy metal band, formed in Regensburg in 1997.... [wikipedia]
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