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The band Ramleh was founded in 1982. Before coming to fame, the band got it’s start in Croydon. Generally, music journalists would define Ramleh’s style within the genre/s of and other rock music.

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Skullflower is a British noise rock band, formed in 1987 in London. Led by guitarist Matthew Bower, the band attained a cult following with a sound based on "sludgy, Black Sabbath-style riffs overlaid with feedback, fuzzed-out guitar noise, and throttling rhyt... [wikipedia]
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Genocide Organ

No biography for Genocide Organ yet.

Sutcliffe Jügend

Sutcliffe Jügend was an English power electronics band, which began in early 1982 as the main project of Kevin Tomkins', formerly of Whitehouse, and instantly gained notoriety as one of the harshest groups of the original power electronics scene.... [wikipedia]
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No biography for Prurient yet.


Whitehouse were an English band formed in 1980, largely credited for the founding of the power electronics subgenre of industrial music.... [wikipedia]
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Brainbombs is a Swedish noise rock band formed 1985 in Hudiksvall. The members are Dan, Peter, Jonas, Drajan and Lanchy. The latter was also a member of Totalitär. They are notable for their very repetitive, noisy, untuned, raucous sound. Their lyrical themes ... [wikipedia]
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Consumer Electronics

No biography for Consumer Electronics yet.


No biography for Grim yet.


SPK were an Australian industrial music and noise music group formed in 1978. They were fronted by mainstay member, Graeme Revell on keyboards and percussion. In 1980 the group travelled to the United Kingdom where they issued their debut album, Information Ov... [wikipedia]
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No biography for Alberich yet.

The Grey Wolves

No biography for The Grey Wolves yet.

Puce Mary

No biography for Puce Mary yet.


Anenzephalia is the nom-de-plume of noise musician B. Moloch, who is occasionally joined by Wilhelm Herich of Genocide Organ. Anenzephalia was one of the first projects to record for the Tesco Organisation label.... [wikipedia]
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Merzbow (メルツバウ, Merutsubau) is a Japanese noise project started in 1979 by Masami Akita (秋田 昌美, Akita Masami). Merzbow is best known for a style of harsh, confrontational noise. Since 1980, Akita has released over 400 recordings and has collaborated with vario... [wikipedia]
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No biography for Grunt yet.

Atrax Morgue

Marco Corbelli (April 3, 1970 – May 6, 2007), better known professionally as Atrax Morgue, was an Italian noise musician. Many of Atrax Morgue's early material was released on cassette, as part of the industrial/noise 'cassette underground' of the early 1990s.... [wikipedia]
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