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The band Rodrigo Amarante was founded in 1976. Before coming to fame, the band got it’s start in Rio De Janeiro. Generally, music journalists would define Rodrigo Amarante’s style within the genre/s of folk rock, and other rock music.

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Little Joy

Little Joy is a Brazilian/American rock supergroup formed in 2007 by Los Hermanos singer/guitarist Rodrigo Amarante, The Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti, and Binki Shapiro.... [wikipedia]
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Marcelo Camelo

Marcelo de Souza Camelo (Rio de Janeiro, February 4, 1978) is a Brazilian composer, singer, guitarist, and poet. He is best known as composer and lead guitarist of the Brazilian band Los Hermanos. Since the end of the band, he continues composing for many inte... [wikipedia]
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Los Hermanos

Los Hermanos is a rock band from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The group was formed in 1997 by Marcelo Camelo (vocals/guitar), Rodrigo Amarante (guitar/vocals), Rodrigo Barba (drums), and Bruno Medina (keyboards/keyboard bass). Currently they are on an extended hiat... [wikipedia]
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No biography for Cícero yet.


No biography for Rubel yet.

Banda Do Mar

Banda do Mar is a Portuguese Brazilian band announced in May 2014 by Marcelo Camelo (vocals/guitar), his wife Mallu Magalhães (vocals/guitar) and Fred Ferreira (drums). The name of the band is Portuguese for "Band of the Sea".... [wikipedia]
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Phill Veras

No biography for Phill Veras yet.

O Terno

No biography for O Terno yet.

Tulipa Ruiz

Tulipa Ruiz Chagas (born October 19, 1978), also known mononymously as Tulipa, is a Brazilian singer-songwriter and artist. She self-describes her musical style as "forest pop".... [wikipedia]
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Caetano Veloso

No biography for Caetano Veloso yet.


Belchior (Portuguese pronunciation: [bewkiˈɔɾ], born Antonio Carlos Belchior, October 26, 1946 – April 30, 2017) was a Brazilian singer and composer. He was one of the first MPB singers from the Brazilian northeast to reach mainstream success, in the early 197... [wikipedia]
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Tim Bernardes

No biography for Tim Bernardes yet.


Boogarins are a Brazilian psychedelic rock band formed in 2013 by Dinho Almeida (vocals, rhythm guitar) and Benke Ferraz (solo guitar). Later they were joined by Hans Castro (drums) and Raphael Vaz (bass guitar), forming a four-piece. In 2014, Ynaiã Benthroldo... [wikipedia]
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Mallu Magalhães

Maria Luiza de Arruda Botelho Pereira de Magalhães (born August 29, 1992 in São Paulo) is a Brazilian singer, songwriter and musician. Mallu first came to prominence through her MySpace page, becoming known for her own songs and those of renowned artists. She ... [wikipedia]
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Marcelo Jeneci

No biography for Marcelo Jeneci yet.

Apanhador Só

No biography for Apanhador Só yet.

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