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The band Scariot was founded in 1997. Before coming to fame, the band got it’s start in 0. Generally, music journalists would define Scariot’s style within the genre/s of progressive metal, and other rock music.

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Twisted Into Form

No biography for Twisted Into Form yet.

Zero Hour

Zero Hour was a progressive metal band formed by twin brothers Jasun Tipton and Troy Tipton in Pleasanton, California in 1993. They released their self-titled debut album independently in 1999, and followed it up with 2001's The Towers of Avarice, their first ... [wikipedia]
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Shatter Messiah

No biography for Shatter Messiah yet.


Biomechanical are an English progressive groove metal band from London, England. Biomechanical’s existence started back in April 1999 by the founding member John K who wrote, recorded and arranged all of the music, with the exception of the songs ‘Existenz’ a... [wikipedia]
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Twelfth Gate

No biography for Twelfth Gate yet.


Cronian is a progressive/avant-garde metal band from Norway and Sweden founded in 2004 by Øystein Brun and Andreas Hedlund, also known as Vintersorg. The band's music is heavily symphonic and programmed, combining melodic singing and harsh vocals, all aiming t... [wikipedia]
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Age Of Silence

Age of Silence is a Norwegian avant-garde progressive metal band formed in 2004 by Andy Winter of Winds.... [wikipedia]
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Outworld was a progressive metal band that was formed in 1997 by guitarist Rusty Cooley. Their name is allegedly taken from the fictional Outworld realm of the Mortal Kombat video games.... [wikipedia]
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Linear Sphere

No biography for Linear Sphere yet.


No biography for Eidolon yet.

Sun Caged

Sun Caged was a progressive metal band originating in the Netherlands. Sun Caged was formed by ex-Aura and Lemur Voice guitarist Marcel Coenen and drummer Dennis Leeflang in the spring of 1999. Taking influences from artists in the metal genre such as Dream Th... [wikipedia]
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No biography for C‐187 yet.


Wastefall is a progressive rock/metal group from Greece. They formed in 2003 and temporarily disbanded on August 1, 2008. They reunited in 2013.... [wikipedia]
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No biography for Empyrios yet.


No biography for Imagika yet.


Pathosray is a progressive metal band based in Italy that formed in 2000. The band has released two demos and two full-length studio album as of 2009.... [wikipedia]
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