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The band Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows was founded in 1989. Before coming to fame, the band got it’s start in Frankfurt Am Main. Generally, music journalists would define Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows’s style within the genre/s of dark wave, and other rock music.

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Lacrimosa are a gothic duo led by German Tilo Wolff, the main composer, and Finn Anne Nurmi. They are currently based in Switzerland, but originally from Germany. Originally counted among the bands of the Neue Deutsche Todeskunst genre, Lacrimosa have develop... [wikipedia]
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Das Ich

Das Ich is a German Darkwave/Goth-Industrial music group formed in 1989. The group, fronted by Stefan Ackermann and Bruno Kramm, were one of the prominent founders of and contributors to "Neue Deutsche Todeskunst" (New German Death Art) a musical movement in t... [wikipedia]
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Diary Of Dreams

Diary of Dreams is a German darkwave band. The lead singer and founding member Adrian Hates has produced most of the albums by himself or with minimal help from others. He rarely uses a full band, except when on tour.... [wikipedia]
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London After Midnight

London After Midnight is a project formed in the 1990s by songwriter and instrumentalist Sean Brennan.... [wikipedia]
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Sopor Aeternus & The Ense

No biography for Sopor Aeternus & The Ense yet.

Sopor Aeternus

No biography for Sopor Aeternus yet.

Cinema Strange

No biography for Cinema Strange yet.

Deine Lakaien

Deine Lakaien is a German band project active since 1985. It is formed by the vocalist Alexander Veljanov and by the composer and multi-instrumentalist Ernst Horn. The group unites influences from dark wave with pop music and elements of avant-garde.... [wikipedia]
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Faith And The Muse

Faith and the Muse is an American gothic rock/dark wave band composed of two musicians, Monica Richards and William Faith. Their music encompasses many genres, from folk-style songs to darker compositions, drawing on many sources and influences, notably Dead C... [wikipedia]
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L’âme Immortelle

L'Âme Immortelle (French for "the immortal soul") is an Austrian darkwave duo. Many of L'Âme Immortelle's songs feature melancholy or lovelorn lyrics in German or English, and juxtaposed harsh male and emotional female vocals. In 2004 they switched label to t... [wikipedia]
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Blutengel (German: Blood Angel) (stylized as BlutEngel) is a German electronic music group formed by singer Chris Pohl (also of the groups Terminal Choice, Tumor, and Miss Construction and the owner of the Fear Section label) after he had to leave Seelenkrank ... [wikipedia]
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Die Verbannten Kinder Evas

Die Verbannten Kinder Evas is an Austrian darkwave music project founded in 1993 by Richard Lederer and Michael Gregor, signed to Napalm Records.... [wikipedia]
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Arcana is Swedish neoclassical dark wave band formed in 1994 and was originally signed to the Cold Meat Industry label.... [wikipedia]
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No biography for Snakeskin yet.


Ataraxia is an Italian neoclassical dark wave band founded in 1985. Frontlined by singer Francesca Nicoli, it combines modern technology with archaic instrumentation. The lyrical themes are frequently drawn from nature and ancient cultures.... [wikipedia]
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Dark Sanctuary

Dark Sanctuary is a French Neoclassical darkwave, gothic metal band, which was formed in 1996 in Paris, France.... [wikipedia]
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What Genre is Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows?

Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows genre is not easily defined. Music magazines and journalists have different opinions on a clearly defined genre for Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows. However, many describe the style within the genre/s of dark wave, and other rock music.

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