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The band The Back Horn was founded in 1998-04. Before coming to fame, the band got it’s start in 0. Generally, music journalists would define The Back Horn’s style within the genre/s of alternative rock, and other rock music.

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Acidman (often stylized as ACIDMAN) is a Japanese rock group. The band was formed in 1997 with four members, Shiibashi Takeshi, Urayama Ichigo, Satou Masatoshi, and Ohki Nobuo. They created two demo tapes together in 1998, but former vocalist Shiibashi Takeshi... [wikipedia]
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9mm Parabellum Bullet

9mm Parabellum Bullet (キューミリ・パラベラム・バレット, Kyūmiri Paraberamu Baretto) is a Japanese rock band, formed in March 2004 in Yokohama. It consists of vocalist and rhythm guitarist Takuro Sugawara, guitarist and backing vocalist Yoshimitsu Taki, bassist Kazuhiko Nakam... [wikipedia]
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Syrup16g (シロップじゅうろくグラム, Shiroppu Jūroku Guramu) is a Japanese alternative rock band formed in the suburbs of Tokyo.... [wikipedia]
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No biography for 椿屋四重奏 yet.


No biography for ストレイテナー yet.


Fujifabric (Japanese: フジファブリック, Hepburn: Fujifaburikku) is a Japanese rock band formed in 2000. While their music can be mostly categorized as alternative rock or power pop, their music usually consists of an eclectic mix of genres, including jazz, disco and p... [wikipedia]
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No biography for Art‐school yet.


Ellegarden (stylized as ELLEGARDEN) is a Japanese rock band formed in December 1998 in Chiba, Japan. Ellegarden consists of drummer Hirotaka Takahashi, vocalist/guitarist Takeshi Hosomi, guitarist Shinichi Ubukata, and bassist Yuichi Takada. In 2008, Ellegarde... [wikipedia]
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Nothing’s Carved In Stone

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Amazarashi (アマザラシ, stylized as amazarashi) is a Japanese rock band from Aomori, currently signed to Sony Music Japan. Formed in 2007, its members are Hiromu Akita (lead vocals, guitar, songwriter) and Manami Toyokawa (keyboard). They have released six singles ... [wikipedia]
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No biography for ムック yet.

Orange Range

Orange Range (オレンジレンジ, Orenji Renji) are a 5-member Japanese rock band, based in Okinawa, Japan. Formed in 2001, the band began with Spice Music and later signed with Sony Music Japan's gr8! records division in 2003. The band left gr8! records in 2010 to start... [wikipedia]
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Unison Square Garden

Unison Square Garden (stylized as UNISON SQUARE GARDEN, or USG) is a Japanese band signed to Toy's Factory. The band includes Kosuke Saito (vocals/guitar), Tomoya Tabuchi (bass), and Takao Suzuki (drums).... [wikipedia]
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The Birthday

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No biography for Bigmama yet.