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The band The Hidden Hand was founded in 2002. Before coming to fame, the band got it’s start in Maryland. Generally, music journalists would define The Hidden Hand’s style within the genre/s of doom metal, and other rock music.

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Place Of Skulls

No biography for Place Of Skulls yet.


Earthride is an American doom metal band from Maryland, United States.... [wikipedia]
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No biography for Kalas yet.

Premonition 13

No biography for Premonition 13 yet.


Abdullah was a metal band formed in 1998 by Jeff Shirilla (drums/vocals) who was quickly joined by Al Seibert on guitar, the group released the EP "snake lore" in 1999 on their own label, Rage of Achilles Records, followed soon after by their self-titled secon... [wikipedia]
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Internal Void

No biography for Internal Void yet.

Burning Saviours

No biography for Burning Saviours yet.


Penance was an American doom metal band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States.... [wikipedia]
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Eternal Elysium

Eternal Elysium (エターナル・イリジアム, Etānaru Erishiumu) are a Japanese doom metal band founded in 1991.... [wikipedia]
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The Mushroom River Band

The Mushroom River Band was a Swedish rock band active from 1996 to 2004. They released two full-length albums and an EP, as well as appearing on a number of compilations. The band also made two European tours in support of each album, playing in countries suc... [wikipedia]
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Saviours is an American stoner metal band. The band was formed in 2004 in Oakland, California. Since then, they have released five albums and two EPs.... [wikipedia]
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Halfway To Gone

Halfway to Gone is an American heavy metal band from New Jersey. The band formed in 1999 when bassist and founding member of Solarized, Lou Gorra got together with Lee Stuart (Solarized's touring guitarist), and drummer Danny Gollin. Chuck Dukehart from Sixty ... [wikipedia]
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Black Nasa

No biography for Black Nasa yet.

Dixie Witch

Dixie Witch is a Texas-based hard rock trio formed by guitarist Clayton Mills, drummer/vocalist Trinidad Leal, and bassist/vocalist Curt Christensen in 1999. The band released their self-produced album "Into the Sun" on Brainticket Records in 2001.... [wikipedia]
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No biography for Serpentcult yet.

The Mystick Krewe Of Clearlight

Clearlight is an American instrumental rock band from New Orleans, Louisiana. They are also known as the Mystick Krewe of Clearlight due to other bands using the same original name.... [wikipedia]
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