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The band The Joggers was founded in 2001. Before coming to fame, the band got it’s start in Portland. Generally, music journalists would define The Joggers’s style within the genre/s of indie rock, and other rock music.

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The Natural History

No biography for The Natural History yet.


Wilderness is an American, Baltimore-based indie rock, band currently signed to Jagjaguwar. Led by the theatrical, chant-like vocal style and lyrical presence of James Johnson, they are known to create a complex brand of post-punk that heavily recalls mantra-p... [wikipedia]
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Blood On The Wall

Blood on the Wall is a lo-fi, Brooklyn-based indie rock band, influenced by bands like The Jesus and Mary Chain, Pavement, Pixies, and Sonic Youth. Band members include siblings Courtney (bassist/vocalist) and Brad Shanks (guitarist/vocalist) and drummer Miggy... [wikipedia]
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Chin Up Chin Up

Chin Up Chin Up was an American indie pop band formed in Chicago in 2001.... [wikipedia]
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Thunderbirds Are Now!

Thunderbirds are Now! were an American, Livonia, Michigan-based post-punk revival band, whose sound used a mix of traditional post-punk, new wave and noise rock. The band was heavily influenced by 1980s new wave and other post-punk revival acts like Les Savy F... [wikipedia]
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Bound Stems

Bound Stems was an indie rock band with math rock influences from Chicago, Illinois. The band's members were Bobby Gallivan (vocals), Dan Fleury (guitar), Dan Radzicki (bass, keys), Evan Sult (drums, ex-Harvey Danger), and Janie Porche (multi-instrumentalist).... [wikipedia]
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The Oranges Band

The Oranges Band is an American indie rock band from Baltimore, Maryland signed with Green Day's original label, Lookout! Records. Fronted by ex-Spoon bassist Roman Kuebler, The Oranges' first record, The Five Dollars EP, was released on Baltimore-based label ... [wikipedia]
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The Double

No biography for The Double yet.

The M’s

No biography for The M’s yet.

Get Him Eat Him

No biography for Get Him Eat Him yet.

The Detachment Kit

Detachment Kit is an American indie rock band formed in 1999.... [wikipedia]
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Single Frame

No biography for Single Frame yet.

Sound Team

No biography for Sound Team yet.

The Comas

The Comas formed in Chapel Hill, NC, in March 1998 as a joke country band, a sort of counterweight to the hyped No Depression movement. Before long, however, both the "joke" and the "country" parts of the concept were eliminated, thus allowing the band to deve... [wikipedia]
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Minus Story

No biography for Minus Story yet.

The Plastic Constellations

No biography for The Plastic Constellations yet.

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