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The band The Mystics was founded in 1958. Before coming to fame, the band got it’s start in Brooklyn. Generally, music journalists would define The Mystics’s style within the genre/s of doo-wop, and other rock music.

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The El Dorados

The El Dorados were an American doo-wop group, who achieved their greatest success with the song "At My Front Door", a no. 1 hit on the R&B chart in 1955.... [wikipedia]
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The Mello‐kings

No biography for The Mello‐kings yet.

The Nutmegs

The Nutmegs were a 1950s American doo wop vocal group from New Haven, Connecticut, United States. They are best known for their songs "Story Untold" and "Ship of Love," both released in 1955. Each single made the national R&B charts, with "Story Untold" reachi... [wikipedia]
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The Heartbeats

The Heartbeats were a 1950s American doo-wop group best known for their song "A Thousand Miles Away", which charted at No. 53 in the US Billboard listings in 1957.... [wikipedia]
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The Jive Five

No biography for The Jive Five yet.

The Fiestas

The Fiestas were an American rhythm and blues musical group from Newark, New Jersey, United States.Organized in 1958, The Fiestas contracted with Old Town Records company in 1959, after the company's owner, Hy Weiss, overheard the group singing in a bathroom a... [wikipedia]
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The Impalas

The Impalas were an American doo-wop group in the late 1950s, best known for their hit, "Sorry (I Ran All the Way Home)".... [wikipedia]
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The Solitaires

The Solitaires are an American doo-wop group, best known for their 1957 hit single "Walking Along". Although they never had a national chart hit, they were one of the most popular vocal groups in New York in the late 1950s.... [wikipedia]
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The Crows

The Crows were an American R&B singing group who achieved commercial success in the 1950s. The group's first single and only major hit, "Gee", released in June 1953, has been credited with being the first rock n’ roll hit by a rock and roll group. It peaked at... [wikipedia]
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The Danleers

The Danleers were an American doo-wop group formed in Brooklyn, New York in 1958. The group's original and most famous lineup consisted of Jimmy Weston, Johnny Lee, Willie Ephraim, Nat McCune, and Roosevelt Mays. One of many streetcorner vocal groups in Brook... [wikipedia]
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The Dreamlovers

The Dreamlovers were an American doo wop group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.... [wikipedia]
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The Shields

No biography for The Shields yet.

The Charts

No biography for The Charts yet.

Shep & The Limelites

Shep and the Limelites was an American doo-wop trio of the early 1960s, composed of James "Shep" Sheppard (September 24, 1935 – January 24, 1970), Clarence Bassett (March 13, 1936 – January 25, 2005) and Charles Baskerville (July 6, 1936 – January 18, 1995). T... [wikipedia]
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Lee Andrews & The Hearts

No biography for Lee Andrews & The Hearts yet.

Shep & The Limelites

No biography for Shep & The Limelites yet.

What Genre is The Mystics?

The Mystics genre is not easily defined. Music magazines and journalists have different opinions on a clearly defined genre for The Mystics. However, many describe the style within the genre/s of doo-wop, and other rock music.

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